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14 High Quality Free CSS and HTML Website Templates.

by Frank Miller
August 13, 2012
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Today, I want to drop a couple of lines about high-quality free HTML/CSS website templates, which perfectly meet the requirements of the modern webmarket. You can download the templates and build a great website absolutely for FREE! Recently I decided to move on with the templates from Though these guys are not very well-known over Internet, they have really great templates with all the source files in .zip package. I downloaded some of these templates and used them for different purposes. So, I can freely advise you from my own experience to choose any of these templates.

The only disadvantage of the templates is their static character – that means, they have no CMS be default for managing a website from a backend. This feature would make the website editing easier, would you disagree? But the free website templates have a high-quality HTML/CSS code, which can be applied to any CMS.

Hope these free web templates will help you.

Use and Enjoy!



 Free Travel Website Templates



 Free Travel Website Templates


American Football

 Free American Football Website Templates



 Free Baseball Website Templates



 Free Basketball Website Templates



 Free Blog Website Templates


Candy Factory

 Free Food and Drink Website Templates


Children’s Place

 Free Children's Plac Website Templates


Flower Store

 Free Flower Store Website Templates


Game Portal

 Free Game Portal Website Templates



 Free Business Website Templates


Mobile Store

 Free Mobile Store Website Templates


Photo Studio

 Free Photo Studio Website Templates


Travel Agency

 Free Travel Website Templates


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  1. Beeker ()

    Nice Designs. Always nice to look around and get ideas.

  2. dedektör ()

    very good design templates

  3. andry ()

    please allow me to download your themes.. thats so fantastic design ..

  4. hari ()

    I really need a blogging website template like this….nice collection.

    Thank you..:-)

  5. cctv ()

    very gud templates

  6. Banjo ()

    Nice templates

  7. phprpg maker ()

    hi ive seen all your amazing template, i have some request templates. you can keep in touch with me send me response im willing to pay for the job. thanks

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